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Meet the Pastor

Meet the Pastor

Pastor David and his wife, Denise, started Eagle's Landing Church in June of 2000.  David and Denise both have roots in Arkansas and have been in Florida since 1995.  They have been married for nearly 40 years.  Together they have four adult children, David Jr., Brian, Ross and Allison.  All of their children have had active roles in the ministries of the church and helped immensely with the start of the church.

David received the Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from Arkansas State University.  He also received the Masters of Religious Education degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  His degree focused on reaching and training adults for ministry in the local church.  His secondary emphasis was in preaching and Biblical studies.  David has a genuine love for the local church as well as the people in this community.  He has conducted hundreds of funerals for families outside of our congregation.  He has a compassion for hurting people and has been serving in New Port Richey since 1995.

David was called to the ministry at the age of 12.  Under his leadership and the leading of the Holy Spirit, Eagle's Landing has baptized 266 new believers since the church began.  Pastor David's interests and hobbies include playing the guitar and reading.  He enjoys a variety of music, having played the guitar since childhood, enjoys most sports and reads close to 50 books each year.  

Denise serves as the worship leader at Eagle's Landing.  She has been involved in music all of her life, having played clarinet in school band programs and is an accomplished pianist.  Her passion for worship shows each Sunday as she leads our congregation.  She has formed a praise band and a group of vocalists who assist her in leading each week. In addition she is a skilled interpreter for the deaf and a wonderful Bible teacher. Together she and David make a great team.