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Prayer Requests:
   "Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things."  Jeremiah 33:3

08/18/2017 Pray for Ron husband to Annette.  Ron had a stroke last night and was life-flighted to the hospital. Tests are being run at this time. Please pray for Ron, Annette and their entire family.

05/13/2017 Pray for Bill's step-daughter. She has been cutting herself. Please pray that the family and doctors can help her get to the bottom of her issues.

05/13/2017 Pray for Marcus.  He had a brain bleed a few weeks ago. The doctors thought he would not survive surgery but he has and is recovering.  Marcus is only in his mid 30s and has dealt with diabetes since he was a child.  About 10 years ago he had a major stroke.  Please keep Marcus in your prayers as he awaits insurance to approve inpatient rehab.  Also, keep his mom, Lori, in your prayers as she is his caregiver.

03/17/2017 Pray for Lydia. She is in ICU and has been diagnosed with Leukemia. Lydia has had Lupus for a number of years and doctors are trying to get her stabilized for transfer to a cancer hospital. Please keep Lydia and her family in your prayers. Please keep family members Edna, Kim and Beth in your prayers as well.

03/03/2017 Pray for Todd.  He has Achalasia and it has been found that a surgery in 2015 may have been done incorrectly. He will be going to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, in April, to discuss have another surgery to correct the issues he is having.  Please keep Todd, his wife Lisa and son Jake in your prayers.

03/10/2017 Pray for Holland & Cecile. Their grandson, Charles, passed away today at the age of 28. No other details are available at this time.

01/20/2017 Pray for Frannie. Augusta asks for prayer for her friend who has been hospitalized with a blood clot in her leg.

01/20/2017 Update on prayer request:  Larry does have a torn meniscus and will eventually need surgery.  01/03/2017 Pray for Larry A. He goes to the doctor on Thursday for MRI results on his knee.  The doctor suspects a torn meniscus.

01/16/2017 Pray for Misty. She has been diagnosed with a tumor on her pituitary gland.

01/11/2017 Pray for Bernie. She is currently receiving 24-hour nursing care.  Keep Bernie's family in your prayers as well.

01/03/2017 Pray for healing of a family relationship.
Carla asks for prayer for the relationship between her daughter and the rest of the family.

12/02/2016 Pray for Marty N. She is in the hospital in Ocala with Pneumonia. 12/16/2016 - UPDATE - Marty's breathing tube was removed today and her vitals are strong.  She does have other issues found during a lung biopsy.  Please continue to pray for Marty and her family.

11/17/2016 Pray for Amanda as she is experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. 

11/01/2016 Pray for Bill G. as he has been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and is in critical condition.

11/01/2016 Pray for Dennis P. - UPDATE - Dennis is doing much better and may get to go home on Thursday.

10/12/2016 Pray for Ken, Jennifer & family. Update on previous request. Ken's father has passed away.

09/28/2016 Pray for James who has esophageal cancer. He has started treatments and is home.

09/20/2016 Pray for Louie Ragsdale who is in the hospital with a brain bleed.

07/16/2016 Pray for Wayne Seafoss (The Martyr Call). He is hospitalized in Quere'taro, Mexico. He cannot breathe well without oxygen and is awaiting test results. Wayne is 86 years old so bouncing back is a little slower process.  Per his son, Jonathan, Wayne is praising the Lord for the opportunity to witness to the staff and he is accompanied by his wife, Meggie, and son Timothy.

12/05/2016 Update and continued prayer for Aldara Henderson.  She had a CT scan today and will get results on Wednesday.  This is a a very dritical exam that will help the family make decisions regarding treatment options in the near future.    

12/05/2016  Pray for new people to step forward to fill positions on our ministry TEAMS as well as other leadership roles in the church.  We especially need individuals to step forward to help with hospitality when we have events in the church.  

12/05/2016  Pray for our Bible study groups that meet on Sunday and on Wednesdays......pray for spiritual growth as well as numerical growth.

12/05/2016  Pray for our deacons as they assist Pastor David in handling the finances of the church.  Pray for increased giving as we can continue to minister to people, help those who need help and continue to support our missionaries around the world.

12/05/2016  Pray for our congregation that we will reach out more to our community by inviting friends and neighbors to worshp with us each week.